How to build Discord NFT community?

Discord is a chat app that has gained tremendous popularity among video game players and streamers. Discord supports voice chat, texting, and video calls, so it helps overcome the biggest challenges for players like communications and organization during the game. As it turned out, crypto and NFT enthusiasts prefer Discord as well. The rapidly growing popularity of NFT has led to the creation of many Discord NFT communities. So, how do you build your own Discord NFT community?

What is the NFT Discord Community?

NFT Discord communities bring together people who are creating, trading, and collecting NFTs. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are digital assets that have already allowed many people worldwide to earn thousands or even millions of dollars. No wonder users and investors create communities where they can explore the latest NFT trends. You can find NFT communities on different social media platforms, but lately, the NFT Discord Community has taken the lead. The app offers various communication options (e.g., texting or voice messages) and additional features, which you couldn’t find on any other platform. Moreover, Discord is available for both mobile and desktop devices. In NFT Discord Communities, you can meet crypto artists, investors, developers, and people who want to gain insights into popular NFTs.


Why should you create Discord NFT community?

Discord was developed with the primary goal: to facilitate instant communication with other users. Instantaneous communication is one of the main reasons why now, for many NFT and Crypto enthusiasts, Discord is a preferred platform. Unique features make Discord NFT communities a perfect option to reach prospective buyers for your NFT products. Discord NFT community is also a great place to find like-minded people to start or develop an NFT-related project.

After setting up a community server, it can grow really quickly, which is another advantage of choosing Discord for your NFT community. By making use of the practical features of Discord, you can significantly increase your profits. The primary reasons for building a Discord NFT community are related to business goals. Discord will work well for you if your goal is to create a small invite-only community for a group of NFT enthusiasts and a huge international space, as the app is ideally suited for integration and mutual support. Unlike other platforms, Discord is relatively anonymous. The users can choose any made-up login so that other community members will never know their real name. Obviously, that doesn’t mean there are no risks, so users shouldn’t share their personal data.

Another fascinating Discord’s features that make the app so attractive for NFT niche are Discord avatars. These little graphics allow individuals to communicate their brands and increase anonymity simultaneously. Each user can set an avatar on his profile to customize an account and convey his interests. Setting an avatar is also one way to customize your Discord server. It helps community members to recognize your server among other servers. Discord is rather a safe option for creating NFT community, but even original names, avatars, and other security measures can’t guarantee 100% anonymity.

How to set up a Community Discord Server?

The first step to building the Discord NFT community is setting up your server. If you haven’t used Discord before, you should begin with downloading the Discord and signing in, or just log in if you already have an account. You can create a Community server, just like you make your own Discord server. Firstly, click on the large plus (+) on the left column. There will pop up the next window. Secondly, choose “Create My Own” or choose “Local Community” if you want to use pre-made templates. Thirdly, select “For a Club or Community.” Next, type in the server’s name, upload a display picture, and hit “Create.” In this way, you will create a new Community server. However, that’s not all. Now you need to meet the requirements for enabling community, which are the same as for users who are converting server into a new Community server.

How to change your Discord Server to a Community Server

Let’s say you have a private server with many members. In this case, it makes sense to convert your server into a Community server. You do it by heading into your Server Settings from the drop-down menu. Once you’re in your Server Settings, scroll down and click on “Enable Community” in the left sidebar. Then select the “Get Started” button from the right side. Now you have to go through a series of steps to set up and manage your community. The “Get Started” button reveals a window where you’ll find all essential settings. Firstly, check the box for “Verified email required”. Secondly, check the box for “Scan media content from all members” and proceed to the next stages. Once you’ve gone through all the required steps, check the box for “I agree and understand” and select the “Finish Setup” button. If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll see a notification with “Your server is now a Community Server.” Then you should advance to set up.


Setting up your Discord server

Once you’ve created your server, you need to set up the categories and channels. They are a framework of your server, and they have a huge impact on the flow of communication within your community. A Discord server typically includes a group of channels for different purposes like, e.g., announcements, roadmap, general chats, selling, official links, FAQ, and sometimes many more. If your NFT community is mainly about your project, add the channel “roadmap” with the most important information about the project as well. Apart from making general and topic-related chat rooms, create the “Buy and Sell” channel. It will act as a place for buyers and sellers to come together, negotiate and carry out transactions. In addition, many servers use various bots to help moderate and engage with the community. After setting up your server, you can start managing and promoting your Community server!

Best practices for developing a community on Discord

You’ve created the Discord server, so it’s time to welcome new members. To start with, you need first people. If you’ve already had an NFT community outside Discord, you are halfway there – just send the invitation (in the form of a link) or share the page with enthusiasts that consume your content. Building a community will be way more difficult if you are just starting. Begin with sharing a link to your NFT community on Twitter or Instagram. You can also try to promote your community on Reddit, forums on cryptocurrency and NFTs, as well as on a decentralized NFT marketplace – OpenSea.

However, bringing new members to your community isn’t enough. You need to keep them excited and give them something that makes them stay with you. Ask yourself: What makes your NFT community special? What is the goal of it? What kind of projects will be promoted (or created) within the community? Don’t forget about feedback sessions and try to build more intimate connections with the members. However, avoid private conversations and react when you see one in the chat because many bots and scammers are looking for sensitive data of founders and users.

Discord NFT communities are perfect for promoting your product or service. If it’s your goal, you should create your marketing strategy from the very beginning. How do you plan to gain new users and traffic on the Discord server? Well, the most straightforward way to grow your community (and at the same time also the number of potential customers) is activity on social media. If you hope for expeditious expansion, run ads on social media and interact with other crypto enthusiasts online.

You should also think about the rules on your server. There are some general regulations required by Discord itself, but if you want your NFT community to grow, you need a set of rules. Think about what members can and can’t do on your server and have your rules posted on a public channel. In this way, you’ll not only avoid misunderstanding on your server but also create a framework to transparently moderate content within the community.

The key to success in growing your Discord NFT community is interaction with community members on a regular basis. Post regularly, inform about projects, run events, and create several communication channels (on different topics) within your server. When it comes to interaction with community members, never forget about the value of trustworthiness. Stay authentic, and don’t try to trick your community when promoting your project. Avoid selling unrealistic expectations because it’ll strongly undermine your credibility.

Don’t forget about your availability – founders should be online on the server as often as possible. Never ignore members’ questions – if you don’t know the answer, just say it, find the information or confirmation and get back to the member. Let’s say that your community will grow quite fast. At some point, you should delegate some user roles. Pick moderators and let them moderate chats, react to forbidden content, and so on. In the best-case scenario, you’ll find creative moderators that will propose and implement their own ideas to grow your NFT community. At least one administrator or moderator should be online at any time (24/7) – NFT communities are international, so there are some active users round the clock. For this reason, someone must always be ready to cope with a crisis or resolve a conflict within the community.


How to build engagement on the Discord community

Not the number of members, but engagement is the most critical factor when it comes to assessing the value of your community. Fortunately, there are many ways to build engagement on Discord. Firstly, be consistent with posting content and replying to all messages. Start conversations with community members by asking questions or posting polls related to NTFS and the community. Conduct regular AMAs (ask me anything) and other events which encourage members to interact. Ask Me Anything is an interview format that originated on Reddit but now is gaining popularity on Discord. Basically, during AMA sessions, community members can participate in a conversation with founders and ask any questions (not only about the developing project). However, if your community is quite big, and many users will probably try to participate in the AMA, make sure you have enough moderators to control the communication process.

Try to give your audience what they want. Are members of your community looking for new NTFS? Or maybe they’re part of your project? Always keep in mind that if you can’t provide anything valuable for them, most of them will be gone over time. If you’re focused on growing your community, offer new members special perks or bonuses. Besides, consider adding the bot on your server to make the chat more interesting. Engagement on Discord shouldn’t base merely on your own activity, so you need to create conditions in which users can engage in conversations during your absence. For this purpose, you can create channels for different topics and provide customer support.

Initially, Discord was a mainly text-oriented platform, but it has changed, so you should take advantage of voice chat. Create Voice Channels, where you or other community members will hang out over voice and video. Using audio on the Discord is very practical and intuitive – simply enter the channel and start talking. If you want to share a video, press the Video button in the bottom left corner. Voice and video messages are often way more effective to get through your message or promote your NTFS.

Another way to encourage community members to more activity is using ranks. The ranks or roles are commonly used to recognize particularly active users or have a specified function like moderator or team member. You can organize competitions or promotion actions based on the ranking system and reward the most active members. It will also make the text channels colorful and let you know, how many people are actually active on your server. You can also create whitelists to reward some community members by allowing them to mint tokens before the public or at a reduced price. Whitelists are like VIP lists and stimulate community members to take certain actions. Just remember to define clear rules on getting on a whitelist and stick to them.


Community Servers features

There are many features and options provided by Discord that will help you grow your NFT community. To begin with, create a personalized welcome screen. It will be shown to every new member to help them understand what’s going on in the community and how to start interacting with others. Personalization is crucial for standing out among other servers. For this reason, make your own topic-related emojis. You can convert and customize any image into an emoji and share it with community members.

How can you improve interaction on your server? Use stages channels and go live on Discord! A relatively new option – stages channels – allows you to hold a discussion with a large group of participants and listeners. For example, you can ask questions or discuss topics related to NFT. What’s important, during the live session, you can share your screen. Create an announcement channel if you want members to stay informed about recent news. It will show selected messages to every user on your server.

What if there was a problem that your moderators wouldn’t notice? Or what if there were some conflicts within the community or bugs on the server? You should obviously react immediately, but there is a need for creating the possibility for users to contact the administration. Create your Discord ticket system so that any community member can report issues to the server’s moderators or administrators. Adding a ticket bot will automatize most of the actions required for trouble-free communication between users and administration.


The Best NFT Discord Communities – examples

The growing number of NFT communities makes it almost impossible to point out the best NFT Discord server. One of the most interesting projects is OpenSea – the first and the largest marketplace for NFTs founded in 2017 with total transactions of more than 4 billion dollars. However, for the beginners, much more suitable is the Discord server “NFT community” with more than 200K members. The community allows members to promote their own NTFS and get informed about the latest trends. One of the best NFT Discord communities with great educational materials belongs to Raible – one of the most popular marketplaces for NFTs. If you are looking for innovation, you should join the Discord community of Nouns, another very intriguing project. Enthusiasts of NFT gaming will enjoy the most joining the Discord community of Decentraland. On the other hand, followers and fans of Gary Vaynerchuk should join the very informative VeeFriends Discord community.